Our Product

One of Deswell’s greatest strength lies in its ability to provide the required quality corrugated carton boxes packaging to satisfy your customers’ expectations. From designing, re-engineering and new design development using different types of paper combinations to form the required corrugated paperboard, we are able to deliver various designs of corrugated carton boxes for regularly use.

  Paper Board Substance and Quality

Single Wall
(A Flute Or B Flute)
 -150/m AF @ BF
    -150/150 AF @ BF
    -180/150 AF @ BF

    -180/180 AF @ BF

    -280/280 AF @ BF

         -K175/T180 AF @ BF

                -W186/150 AF @ BF etc...


Double Wall
(BA Flute)
 -150/m/m BAF
    -150/m/150 BAF
    -120/m/150 BAF
    -180/m/180 BAF
    -280/m/280 BAF
        -W186/m/150 BAF
                   -K275/m/K275 BAF etc...

  Carton Design


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